Forensic Video Enhancement Services

Located in Macclesfield and working primarily with businesses within the Greater Manchester area. Thunderstorm FX® provides a range of forensic video editing and enhancement services for investigatory, legal, surveillance and insurance sectors that use video content as evidence in ongoing trials and investigations. Digital video can be enhanced to reduce noise and grain, sharpen details and isolate subjects or objects.

And non-essential background elements can be pixelated / concealed to protect identities or sensitive information to comply with data protection laws and allow videos to be shown in court. When you work with Thunderstorm FX® you can be assured that we will take the confidentiality of your information very seriously and typically work under strict NDA/privacy agreements.

Data files can be collected and delivered using a tracked courier services (or a specified person) and are only used on workstations that do not have a direct internet connection. All data is digitally shredded using an advanced, seven-pass deletion method as soon as a project has been completed and signed off. To find out more please get in touch by calling 01625 265932 today.


If you need to digitally enhance surveillance video or CCTV footage which is grainy or overly dark, we can help. We will ensure the main point of action or subject can be seen as clearly as possible by upscaling low resolution footage, reducing grain and noise, enhancing exposure and adding magnified focal points.

  • CCTV Video Enhancements
  • Surveillance Video Enhancements
  • Exposure Corrections
  • Magnified Video Segments


Using frame-by-frame video pixelation and object tracking techniques, we can obscure or protect identities and sensitive information. This can include people’s faces, keypad entry information, passwords, house numbers, car number plates and information shown on computer monitors.

  • Insurance Investigations Videos
  • Surveillance Videos
  • Courtroom Evidence Videos