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Here you can view and manage all the cookies our website currently uses. You can also change your preferences or withdraw consent at any time using the tool found below. Please just note that we currently require permission from you to use “marketing” cookies to display videos. This is due to the fact that both YouTube and Vimeo currently use this type of cookie in the embed code they supply and we want you to know about this. If you have concerns you can read the individual privacy policies for both companies using the links below. Just note that this affects any website using content from either vendor and is NOT unique to the Thunderstorm FX website.

Vimeo Privacy Policy

YouTube Privacy Policy

We are also currently in the process of reducing the amount of unnecessary cookies that are being used on our website. Although many of these cookies simply provide functionality of some kind and are not used for tracking purposes, they will be removed and our declaration will be updated again prior to May 25th.