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White Label & Outsourced Animation Services

The white label and outsourced animation packages we provide give you access to our specialist range of skills, elite hardware, in-house rendering services and vast and ever expanding range of animation software. They also allow you to immediately outsource 3D animation and 3D visualisation projects directly to us. We then produce the content on your behalf and you take all the credit or just market it as your own. We act as an invisible, virtual extension to your own business. Sound good? Get in touch to find out more.

Thunderstorm FX® Creative Outsourcing Benefits

UK-Based Location

Thunderstorm FX is located in Macclesfield, Cheshire. This is in close proximity to Wilmslow, Didsbury, Alderley Edge and Congleton. Our super-fast broadband (200MB+) also makes it possible to work remotely for clients anywhere in this country or around the world.


We understand the importance of good communication and will provide you with a production schedule and regular updates throughout the course of each project. We can also be reached by phone, email and Skype.

2D & 3D Rendering

We manage this aspect of the production for you and give you a choice between using our very own in-house render farm or one of the popular online rendering services. This gives you and your clients more control over data and costs.


You can rest assured that white label partnerships & outsource projects are completely confidential. We do not disclose any details about the work we produce or who we produce it for.


Thunderstorm FX have been producing 2D and 3D content for businesses since 2011. The director of the business also has industry experience dating back nearly two decades, so we really know our stuff!

Software & Plugins

We invest heavily in technology and software so you don't have to. We also have a vast selection of popular, industry-standard software and plugins at our disposal. Which means you will too.


We take your data seriously and store data in accordance with GDPR guidelines. All our servers and workstations are also protected by business-class security software. Find out more by reading our privacy policy.

Backups & Redundancy

Project data is stored in multiple online and offline locations. Our servers are also connected to uninterruptible power supply (UPS) units to ensure that important data is not lost in the event of a power outage.

Personal Service

When you work with us you communicate directly with the person actually doing the work, the director of the business. Jason is available to suit individual client requirements and can also be reached via email, phone or Skype. It doesn't get much more personal than that.


The first step is to get in touch, which you can do by using the contact form opposite or calling Jason on: 01625 265932. We’ll then need to discuss your business and individual requirements. This will typically involve:

  • Communication Preferences
  • Project Budgets
  • Content Requirements
  • Scheduling
  • Turnaround Times
  • Production Volume

Time = money, so efficient communication and project management is very important. Over the years we’ve tried and tested many of the most popular tools and found that a combination of KanbanFlow, Dropbox, Microsoft Teams and Skype work best for us. However, we’re also happy to consider other solutions to suit individual requirements.

This exact process will vary depending on the type of content that may be required.  However, this will typically include the following different phases.

You provide a detailed creative brief and storyboard. We then discuss (and where necessary) refine these requirements before agreeing on a deadline and moving onto the next phase.

Assets Supply
Assets will need to be fully approved and signed off by all parties.
  • Branding: Logos, fonts, guidelines etc
  • Reference Materials [3D projects only) such as photographs and drawings
  • General Content: Any content that will either be used within the final animation or affect the production of it.
This will vary significantly depending on whether the content being produced is an animation or series of images and whether this is 2D or 3D. 3D projects will involve different phases for modelling, texturing, illumination and animation for example.

We will give you the opportunity to provide feedback at every opportunity in accordance with agreed terms.

Post Production
This is when we add the finishing touches to your content. Special effects, colour grading, compositing effects and background audio.

Final Signoff

Thunderstorm FX® is based in Macclesfield, Cheshire. We work from an extremely well equipped, home-based studio. This is the “only” reason why we do not publish our full address. If you still feel like you need a little more reassurance then take a look at the following facts about us.

  • Thunderstorm FX® has now been trading since 2011.
  • We have dozens of extremely happy, long-term clients. Just take a look at the some of the testimonials that have been left for us.
  • You can still come and visit the studio if required. Just get in touch to make an appointment.
  • Working from a home-based studio makes it possible to invest more money into things that really count, like hardware and software. It’s also far more environmentally friendly too.
  • You can get in touch with the director of the business outside of normal working hours as standard, as he’s never far away from the studio. Need an urgent task completing at weekend or late night on a Friday? No problem, just get in touch.
The following content will be supplied as part of our white label outsource service. Although this is not an exhaustive list of all the digital services that will be provided, it should at least cover most of the main categories.

The following services are not included as part of the outsource services and must be supplied if required.
  • Voice Over Narrations
  • Storyboards
  • Copywriting Services

Yes, we can also be contracted to work on a retained basis that provides you with a specific amount of production time to allocate as required each month. The cost for this service will vary from one business to another depending on specific content requirements, so please get in touch to find out more. Retained creative services are paid for on a monthly basis and subject to a minimum contract period of 6 months.

The fact that we work from a home-based studio makes it possible for the director of the business (Jason) to provide service to clients between the hours of 8am-11pm (UK time) Monday – Friday. This has frequently made it possible for us to provide late night support on pitches and presentations and help clients who may have otherwise missed important deadlines. Additionally, this level of flexibility has also allowed us to collaborate with and produce work for businesses in both the USA and Australia to date.

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Find out more about the hardware, software and plugins we use.