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We work with engineering marketing companies to create otherwise impossible to achieve 3D rendered product imagery

The 3D rendered videos we produce help sales reps, marketing teams and potential customers visualise engineering products effectively in ways that wouldn’t be possible using traditional photography. Machinery can be shown broken apart, assembled or cut in half to reveal internal components. Anything is possible, all you have to do is get in touch.

Watch our video or continue reading to find out more about our specialist range of engineering marketing solutions.

Our company is a one-stop shop for engineering marketing content

Outsource to us under NDA or work with us openly, the choice is yours

Thunderstorm FX® was launched in 2011, which means we’re celebrating our 10 year anniversary this year. Since launching all those years ago, we have produced 3D rendered content for many well know engineering and manufacturing companies. Both here in the UK, the USA and further afield. The 3D rendered content we produce includes all manner of product visualisations and animated content that helps engineering companies explain, entice and inform their audiences.

A large percentage of the engineering marketing content we produce is on behalf of specialist marketing agencies on a white label basis, so you won’t see us shouting about this or posting it here on our website for all to see. But, we also have our very own clients who work with us directly too. This includes engineering companies that make a full spectrum of specialist components, huge machinery, manufacturing equipment and much more. No matter how you might choose to work with us, you can count on us to deliver the best possible quality content on time and on budget.

Popular Engineering Content

Photoreal 3D renders are produced using many of the same principles used in traditional photography

Virtual Photography CGI’s

This is the crème de la crème when it comes to engineering marketing materials. Equivalent to high-end product photography, but without any limitations. 3D product renders can be supplied on any backdrop, with or without shadows and in any number of different physically-based, accurate virtual materials sourced from our extensive Substance library.

Ideal for high-end engineering marketing films that wouldn't be achievable any other way

3D Animated Product Videos

We produce an extensive range of engaging product videos that help engineering companies explain how their unique products are used and why they are essential. Product videos can be rendered in an almost unlimited variety of unique creative styles to suit every budget and brand. This includes photoreal, non-photoreal and bespoke artistic styles created especially for your clients businesses.

View our demo reel to see the wide variety of different 3D rendered content that we can produce

Technical visualisations are ideal for enhancing otherwise dull instruction manuals and data sheets

Technical 3D Illustrations

This type of 3D illustration can be rendered in a wide variety of different styles that include x-ray, semi-transparent, outline, semi-realistic, cartoon, 2D, hand drawn and sketch to name but a few. We can also create bespoke creative styles especially for your engineering marketing agency or client.

Virtual 3D representations of your product that can be visualised and animated in any way imaginable

Virtual photography solutions for visualising the appearance of your products without limitations

Animated film solutions for visualising what your product is, what it does and how to use it

Interactive content that makes it possible for audiences to engage with your product in new ways

Ideal for visualising key performance differences between your product and competitors over time

Comparison 3D Renders

This is a perfect solution for manufacturing and engineering marketing companies that want to visualise different material options that might be available or key performance differences between two similar products. This frequently includes material and structural degradation or performance over time, but the possibilities are endless. Especially useful when this would be impractical, physically impossible, too dangerous or prohibitively expensive to visualise any other way.

engineering-marketing-company-outsource-3d-rendering-component-materials-5-thunderstormfx.png Engineering marketing 3D render of a virtual material applied to a 3d model of an engineering component in used condition.
Engineering marketing visualisation of a machine. engineering-marketing-company-outsource-3d-rendering-machinery-materials-2-thunderstormfx
engineering-marketing-company-outsource-3d-rendering-component-materials-4-thunderstormfx.png Engineering marketing 3D render of a virtual material applied to a 3d model of an engineering component in used condition.
Exploded view 3D render of a huge quarry vehicle and components.

We can supply this type of render as individual image files for you to use and arrange however you want

Exploded View 3D Renders

Exploded view visualisations are extremely popular with our engineering marketing clients. This is because they can be used on websites, at trade shows and during important presentations. This type of 3D render makes it possible to visualise internal components and product features that would otherwise be impossible to see. 

This type of 3D animation is especially useful for enhancing product sales and support services

Installation Demo Videos

This type of animated video shows your audience how to install, configure, use or replace a product. This reduces the need for lengthy text guides and simplifies otherwise technical procedures and processes. Installation animated videos can be rendered in a wide variety of visual styles that frequently include 2D, illustrated and photoreal.

This is an example of a 2D animated explainer video

2D Animated Explainer Videos

We produce 2D animated explainer videos in a variety of different visual styles for trade show events, websites, social media, presentations, product support and advertising purposes. All of the 2D animated videos we produce feature beautiful, detailed vector characters and environments as standard.

Animated Infographics

The animated infographics we produce are appreciated by engineering clients that just don’t want to sit through another dull PowerPoint presentation. Infographics sequences are typically integrated into one of our 2D animated explainer videos for best effect, but can be rendered out on their own to use within a PowerPoint presentation if you really must.

This is an example of animated infographics

This is an example of a kinetic text motion graphics

Kinetic Text

Kinetic text is perfect for getting your message across in a fun, engaging and memorable way. This makes it the perfect addition for text-heavy web videos and presentations. As with our other infographic solutions, kinetic text sequences can also be rendered out for use on their own on social media channels or integrated into animated videos.

Product installation videos can be produced in a variety of different visual styles to suit your brand.



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