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Thunderstorm FX® is a 3D product visualisation company producing 3D rendered imagery for mechanical engineering, B2B, manufacturing & technology industries

Our comprehensive range of 3D product visualisation services provide everything you need to generate interest, raise funding, launch and advertise your products. Watch our video to see how 3D rendered content can be used and why many product companies now consider this to be absolutely essential.

Continue reading to find out more about our services or visit our render gallery to view examples of 3D product visualisations.

Thunderstorm FX® specialise in the production of 3D product visualisation content

What is 3D Product Visualisation?

3D product visualisation is the process of visualising a product using 3D models and computer generated imagery (CGI), usually for marketing purposes. This is achieved by using many of the same principles used in traditional photography and software used to create big blockbuster films or video games. The resulting 3D rendered imagery can be supplied in an almost unlimited variety of different formats and used for marketing, sales, promotion and B2B.

3D Product Visualisation Benefits

3D product visualisations can be compared to real-world photography, but without any of the limitations. This makes it possible to visualise your products in familiar, new, unique and otherwise impossible to achieve ways that help audiences understand USPs and want to purchase it. 3D product visualisations can also be rendered out to any resolution, against any backdrop, in any environment, with or without shadows and in unlimited material variations.



The 1st first stage in the 3D product visualisation process involves creating a virtual representation of your product so it can be rendered.




The 2nd stage in the 3D product visualisation process involves creating and applying virtual materials to the surface of the 3D model.
Image showing a rendered 3D model representing the third stage in the 3D product visualisation process.




The 3rd and final stage in the 3D product visualisation process involves illuminating the 3D model and rendering out the results.
Photo-realistic 3D product visualisation of a yellow food blender,

This type of 3D visualisation can be produced using physically-accurate virtual materials, illumination and camera settings

Photorealistic 3D Product Visualisations

3D models can be rendered with or without shadows and other objects in the scene. Selected light and reflection sources can also be turned on or off in the final 3D render, allowing for truly perfect results. It’s also possible to render 3D models in a variety of different materials and unique environments. This makes our 3D product visualisations the perfect solution for raising funding during the early stage of the product development cycle,  high-end marketing and advertising materials.

We can create & supply photo-realistic 3D Visualisations of your product on any background, in any environment

3D Virtual Photography Product Visualisations

We can integrate CGI into photographs and utilise high-dynamic range imagery (HDRI) to match the lighting from the original photograph for hyper-real results. This opens up a world of product placement opportunities for product marketing companies and makes this solution ideal for product lifestyle imagery.

Any number of material and structural differences can be visualised using this type of 3D render

Comparison 3D Product Visualisations

There are endless applications for this type of 3D rendered visualisation but it’s frequently used to compare material performance. Powered by cutting-edge material design and creation software by Adobe Substance. Our texturing solutions allow you to visualise your materials in photorealistic detail in brand new, aged or damaged condition. Using physically-based, real-world properties, we’re able to accurately recreate your materials for use in all manner of marketing materials. Any colour, any finish and in any environment imaginable.
3d visualisation of a virtual material applied to a 3d model of an engineering component in brand new condition. 3d visualisation of a virtual material applied to a 3d model of an engineering component in used condition.

Virtual 3D representations of your product that can be visualised and animated in any way imaginable

Full range of 3D design and rendering outsourcing services for engineering marketing companies

Animated film solutions for visualising what your product is, what it does and how to use it

Interactive content that makes it possible for audiences to engage with your product in new ways

Technical visualisations are perfect for instruction manuals, data sheets, exhibiton and trade show stands

Technical 3D Product Visualisations

We can render all manner of otherwise impossible to achieve visuals of your product from existing CAD files or photographic references. Cross sections, x-ray views, transparent sections, exploded product illustrations and more. The possibilities are endless when it comes to visualising your product so your audience can understand it using 3D product visualisation.

Exploded 3D views can be rendered as a single image or multiple images to allow you to arrange and utilise however you choose

Exploded 3D Product View Renders​

Beautifully simple and incredibly effective. If you need to show your audience how your components are used and where they are located inside of complex machinery, there really is no equivalent to exploded 3D product view renders.

Exploded 3d view of a dump truck revealing numerous components.
Image showing a 3D product visualisation of a large quarry vehicle separated into individual render passes.

Unparalleled Creative Possibilities & Flexibility​

Every aspect of a 3D rendered visualisation can be isolated, refined and perfected. Illumination, material properties, shadows and background colours. They can all be edited and refined in post production. And if you have your own in-house touch up artists we can supply them with render passes to make their job easier too.


+44 (0)1625 265932