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3D modelling services for mechanical engineering, manufacturing, and technology products that need to be visualised & rendered

We provide a complete range of hard surface 3D modelling design and CAD rendering services. This includes 3D model creation, optimisation and visualisation of both new and existing CAD models. The resulting 3D models can be used for product visualisation, animation, presentation, concept artwork and interactive design projects.

Continue reading to find out more and view examples of our specialist product CGI 3D modelling solutions.

Thunderstorm FX® specialise in the production of hard surface, mechanical 3D visualisation content

What is CGI 3D Modelling?

3D Modelling is a process used to create a computer generated (CG), virtual representations of an object. This might be a real-world object or a concept created from pure imagination. There are many different techniques that can be used to create 3D models and the best solution will depend on many different factors. This includes the type of object being modelled (hard surface or organic), level of required detail, how the model will be used and if it will be animated or deformed.
Typically, sub-division surface modelling is used to create curved surfaces and organic objects with smooth surfaces. Sub-division surface 3D models result in a very dense mesh usually built using a “clean topology” methodology, which means that each polygon will have exactly four vertices to allow it to be sub-divided further to create the required level of smoothing. This type of technique and level of smoothing is not required when building many hard surface object models, which tend to have lot’s of flat surfaces.

Useful CGI 3D Modelling Info

3D models are generally created from “polygons” in 3D visualisation software, which is very different from how they are created in CAD packages. This means that it’s frequently necessary to optimise (retopologise) or completely rebuild supplied CAD files before they can be used efficiently inside 3D visualisation software. There’s very few instances where CAD models won’t benefit at all from at least some level of optimisation to ensure that surfaces and edges render perfectly and react accordingly to virtual illumination solutions.
This is why it’s important to work with an experienced 3D modelling company like Thunderstorm FX®, as we understand the process and will find the best solution for you. We’re also able to create accurate models from a variety of different reference materials or from existing CAD files.
3D render of industrial manufacturing machinery 3D render of industrial manufacturing machinery

Hard Surface 3D Modelling Services

Our full range of 3D modelling solutions are included as standard and form an essential aspect of every 3D product visualisation and animation project. We also create individual 3D models for a wide range of uses in other applications and external projects. Our speciality is hard surface objects such as heavy machinery, manufacturing equipment, engineering components, lifestyle products and tech items. 

Concept Design 3D Modelling

We also create 3D models for concept design and advertising purposes. Futuristic vehicles, technology products, machinery concepts, robots and mechs. We can create 3D models of anything you can imagine.

Full range of 3D design and rendering outsourcing services for engineering marketing companies

Virtual photography solutions for visualising the appearance of your products without limitations

Animated film solutions for visualising what your product is, what it does and how to use it

Interactive content that makes it possible for audiences to engage with your product in new ways
Image of a CAD 3D model before it has been optimised. Image of an optimised 3D model.

CAD Retopology 3D Modelling Solutions

The 3D modelling services we offer make it possible to repurpose technical meshes and assemblies. We provide rebuild, optimisation, conversion, rendering and texture mapping solutions for a wide variety of CAD models. This is included as standard as part of all our 3D product visualisation projects, but is also available to businesses that need optimised models for external applications.


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