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W.I.P Heavy Machinery Model Concept

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I just wanted to share a quick screen shot taken that shows an exciting new concept design project currently in progress and being textured with Substance Painter. The 3D model you can see is a heavy machinery concept that has been designed for the purposes of demonstrating the potential of using a multi-UDIM texturing workflow, which makes it possible to achieve a much higher level of detail. This makes this the ideal choice for projects that need to visualise vehicles in real-world environments or scenarios, as well as material performance comparisons that show ageing or degradation over time. Although this is currently a work in progress (W.I.P), you can also see just how much data Substance Painter is able to handle, as I’m already using around 100 texture sets (mostly baked to 8K resolution) and the project file is well over 100GB in size.

More info coming soon.