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If your business manufactures parts for the renewable energy industry then you might have experienced difficulties describing or marketing your products to those in charge of acquisitions. Where are your parts located within the final piece of machinery, how are they installed, what materials are they made from and what are the qualities that set them apart from similar competitor products? These are just some of the questions that you might need to answer quickly and effectively to ensure your product stands out and that you’re able to seal the deal.

Thunderstorm FX® creates CGI visualisations and product demonstration videos that provide complete solutions to these problems and much more. At the bottom of this page you can find a recent Sketchfab scene that we’ve produced to highlight another unique way in which CG visualisation content can be utilised in addition to corporate brochures, website imagery and explainer videos. This particular scene could also be taken much further to allow audiences to find out more about specific parts, how they are fitted or where they might be located within the turbine generator.

The ability to view content uploaded to Sketchfab in virtual reality and augmented reality also opens up additional possibilities for how this type of content could be used, such as at trade shows and exhibitions for example. It’s also possible to utilise audio files, add annotation markers to specific areas of the scene and access the Sketchfab API to create branded web players or build your own apps on top if it. When you commission us to produce CG visualisation imagery or explainer videos for your products we can also upload these assets to Sketchfab as part of the project deliverables, so please get in touch to find out more or take a look at our interactive CG visualisation page.

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Posted: 01.03.18
By: Jason Pickford

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