Interactive 3D Content for Aerospace Industry

3D render of a UH60 helicopter with Sky Cannon

We’ve recently created a series of low poly, interactive 3D models to help a well known aerospace company visualise and demonstrate key features of a life saving product. This was an exciting collaboration with Monroe Media (California) who challenged us to create interactive 3D content that could be accessed on a multitude of different devices and used online, at trade shows and exhibitions.

To achieve this goal and with the exception of the helicopter model which was supplied. We created low poly, 3D models of all the different components of the Sky Cannon assembly from reference photographs and technical schematics. We then textured and optimised these models before uploading to the Sketchfab platform.

Some scenes feature animation sequences that require user interaction before commencing. To view these sequences, simply click the “Static Pose” dropdown located to the right of the play icon and select the animation sequence below it.





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