CG Visualisation for Heavy Industry

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This is the first in a series of industry-specific demo videos produced to highlight the many advantages of CG Visualisation for Heavy Industry.

This is your product at it’s best. Always. This is CG Product Visualisation.

Advantages of using CG Visualisation within your marketing campaigns.

Here’s a summary of the benefits highlighted in the video above.

Using CGI we can realistically visualise just about any product or component including earth movers, excavators, cranes, bulldozers, hydraulic pistons, engine parts and more.

CG product visualisations can be supplied with a pixel-perfect alpha mask so you can place this onto any background colour of your choosing. Your product can also be realistically composited into photographs of real-world locations or virtual environments created from scratch.

You can visualise your heavy industry products from absolutely any camera angle. This can follow the laws of physics for realistic shots or break them for creative purposes as required. Why would you want to break the laws of physics? The answer is because it might not be possible to show where your product goes without doing so. For example, imagine your product is a bolt, bearing or engine part. There’s only so much you can do with a traditional photograph or video of such a product and this won’t tell your customers anything about what it does and why it’s needed. With CGI you can show a camera travelling inside the heavy industry vehicle or machine to reveal where your product goes, which in turn helps to communicate it’s USP and value. This wouldn’t be possible using any other form of media.

Heavy industry products can be illuminated using virtual studio lights, sunlight, image-based lighting (comprising of bracketed, 360 degree photography and HDR images) or stylised lighting solutions to suit your campaign.

CG products can be animated to demonstrate what they do, where they go and how they work. In the video above you can see the giant earth mover is deconstructed to reveal internal components that would otherwise prove difficult or impossible to visualise using any other form of media.

CGI & animation content can be used across every marketing channel and within just about any campaign. Imagery can be rendered to almost any resolution for use in both online and offline marketing channels. This includes websites, corporate brochures, trade shows, videos, presentations, pitches and crowd funding projects. Plus, CG assets can also be repurposed and used within corporate films and explainer videos.

Your product can be textured (coloured) using physically-based materials or unique graphical styles. Physically-based materials are created using real-world, measured values and respond realistically to appropriate illumination. Graphical styles including outlines, xray, cartoon, sketch and many others can also come in useful for technical brochures and instructional manuals. Materials can also be changed or swapped out at any time, making them ideal for gauging customer interest without having to commit to manufacturing processes first.

Product imagery can be generated with or without shadows to suit specific marketing campaigns.

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Posted: 13.12.17
By: Jason Pickford

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