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Adobe Acquires Allegorithmic

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It looks like 2019 is already shaping up to be an exciting year for 3D content creators. Today it was announced that Adobe has acquired Allegorithmic and their entire suite of 3D content creation tools. You can read the full announcement by Sébastien Deguy (Allegorithmic founder and CEO) on the website.

Here’s some key points to take away from the official acquisition statement:

  • Sébastien Deguy will lead Adobe’s 3D initiatives, and help take them to the next level. In addition, the Allegorithmic team will remain unchanged.
  • Adobe is building an expanded team to focus on the incredible opportunities in 3D and immersive design.
  • Substance tools will become flagship Adobe products.
  • Adobe has been investing in Allegorithmic for two years, so this isn’t a typical acquisition. Teams from both companies have actually been working together for a considering period of time already and clearly have a lot of respect for each other.
  • This could significantly improve both Photoshop and After Effects for 3D content creators who already subscribe to Adobe CC.

Providing that Sébastien Deguy remains in charge and the Allegorithmic team remains unchanged, this could end up working out very well. Adobe has a gigantic R&D department that Allegorithmic will now be able to access. This will allow them to develop new tools and features that will significantly enhance future versions of Substance tools. Whatever your thoughts might be about this acquisition, one other thing is very clear. Demand for 3D content creation (including 3d visualisations, AR and interactive) is definitely growing and Adobe clearly now views 3D content creation as both a necessity and essential part of their future plans. This can only be a positive thing for 3d content creators who may now be able to provide their specialist services to a much wider audience then ever before.

I wish the entire Allegorithmic team the best of success with the acquisition!