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Thunderstorm FX® is a 3D visualisation BOUTIQUE producing CGI content for engineering, B2B & technology industries


Accurate models created from CAD files, sketches, illustrations, blueprints & photographs


Engaging 3D animations that visualise your product and explain what it is and does


Photorealistic, hyper-real and bespoke visual styles to show your product in the best light

We are 3D Visualisation & Animated Video Production Specialists

We’ve been in business since 2011 and are currently celebrating our 10 year anniversary. This means that we’ve managed to weather some pretty big storms along the way to get here. But, we’ve made it. This is because we work with some amazing clients and provide a truly unique 3D visualisation service that’s simply hard to beat.

We’re passionate about your products and this shows in our determination to get the very best results possible on every project that we work on. We pride ourselves on being able to produce quality 3D visualisation content that rivals many of the much bigger studios, but without restrictions and overheads associated with having fancy office spaces.

We are Lean, Independent, Passionate and Versatile

We work remotely with like-minded businesses here in the UK, Ireland, USA and even Australia to date. The money we save by not having physical offices is invested back into the business and passed onto our clients simultaneously. This means we can provide more competitively priced quotes, invest heavily in new hardware more frequently and adapt much faster to new creative solutions as they become available. 

A large percentage of the CGI content we produce is also for businesses, agencies and internal design teams that outsource or work with us under NDA. Although we can’t share this work publicly, it’s fair to say that we create 3D product visualisation and animation content for some very well known brands and provide one of the best outsource services around.

Virtual 3D representations of your product that can be visualised and animated in any way imaginable

Virtual photography solutions for visualising the appearance of your products without limitations

Animated film solutions for visualising what your product is, what it does and how to use it

Interactive content that makes it possible for audiences to engage with your product in new ways

Virtual photography 3D visualisations help products reach their potential in the marketplace and are ideal for high-end marketing materials. The 3D imagery we create is used to generate online buzz ahead of a product launch, raise funding, advertise and visualise all the important features that make your products special.

Cinematic 3D Animation & Motion Solutions

Thunderstorm FX® specialise in the production of 3D engineering animations, mechanical animations and technology product films for all manner of uses. We create animated 3D visualisation content that will engage and inform your target audience so they know exactly why they need to purchase your product. 

Thunderstorm FX® specialise in the production of hard surface, mechanical 3D visualisation content.

What is 3D Visualisation?

3D visualisation is the process of rendering computer generated imagery (CGI) and animation of a product, object or environment for marketing purposes. This can be thought of as virtual 3D photography with many unique benefits and none of the physical limitations. This is why 3D visualisation has been taking the marketing industry by storm and is now considered to be an essential tool.

3D visualisation can be broken down into two very distinct areas of speciality that include architecture and products. We specialise in hard surface product visualisations of technology items, vehicles, engineering components, manufacturing machinery, applications and specialist tools.

3D Visualisation Benefits

3D visualisations can be rendered in an unlimited number of different creative styles that mimic real photographs, cartoons, sketches and more. They can also be created before a physical product even exists to save on manufacturing cost. This makes it possible to visualise products in any way imaginable, from any angle, against any backdrop or environment and in both new and aged conditions as required.
3D rendered visualisations can also be supplied in almost any resolution suitable for trade shows, exhibitions, data sheets, websites and brochures. It’s also possible to completely repurpose and reuse 3D assets within other projects in the future. Which saves costs and provides unbeatable ROI.


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3D Visualisations:

High quality, optimised 3D models are essential if you want to ensure the very best results in a 3D visualisation or animation project. This is because, the quality of the 3D model will influence how it can be illuminated, rigged and animated.  We specialise in the creation of hard surface objects and can model and texture anything you can imagine. 3D models can also be created from scratch or optimised from existing CAD files.

Interactive 3D visualisation solutions for businesses that want to get ahead of the competition and provide their audience with unique, engaging experiences. We can repurpose and optimise 3D models from exisitng Thunderstorm FX® projects or create them from scratch for you.

Whatever the reason for needing to outsource your 3D visualisation content might be, we can help. The specialist range of outsourcing services we provide make it possible to take on more work, provide new services and expand your in-house capabilities. You can work with us directly, or send us an NDA to sign and work with us under our white label banner instead. The choice is yours.


+44 (0)1625 265932